About Us

Within the sunglasses industry, wholesalers normally put more attention to the quantity of the products rather than quality of the product. Therefore, some people disregard finding better materials and better color schemes to build up their own merchandise. We don’t like following the same methodology when conducting our business, we put more attention to the sunglass’ itself. We want our sunglasses to not only be the most functional products, but also the most fashionable choice for our customers. Each year, our people spend a lot of timegolden city import inc in the factory to make sure our consumers get the best quality materials. This is why . established in this industry.

Our merchandise consist of fashion sunglasses, sports sunglasses, kids sunglasses, reading glasses, polarized lens sunglasses, sunglasses displays and other accessories. All the sunglasses are made of polycarbonate lenses which are impact resistant and have UV400 protection which blocks 100% UVA&UVB rays.

Our sunglasses are available through multiple channels including but not limit to boutique, gift shop, convenience stores, special chain stores, department stores, fairs, retails and online retailers- domestically and internationally.

We care and we strive for outstanding customer service. Staff at golden city import inc. are here to provide assistance to those who have any questions. We update our new arrivals regularly.